HIAS participates in the rescue of the last of 450 Jews held in Egypt without charges since the Six Day War... Learn More


HIAS plays an important role in a successful campaign to convince Washington to exercise the “parole statute” of the Immigration and Nationality Act... Learn More


HIAS joins with other refugee aid organizations to assist Asians expelled by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. HIAS resettles 117 of these refugees in the U.S... Learn More


 HIAS helps obtain “parole” status for hundreds of Soviet Jewish refugees waiting in Rome to obtain U.S. visas, speeding up processing and allowing them to enter the U.S. on an emergency basis... Learn More


HIAS declares 1974 “the Year of the Russian Migrant”... Learn More



At the request of the State Department, HIAS assists in the resettlement of over 3,500 South Vietnamese refugees in the U.S... Learn More


HIAS, along with other Jewish agencies, serves on a special committee to discuss the issue of Soviet Jews with Israeli visas who indicate their desire to go to countries other than Israel... Learn More


HIAS participates in a successful diplomatic effort to gain the release of 15 of the 500 Jewish women seeking permission to leave Syria to find their Jewish husbands abroad... Learn More


HIAS and the JDC strain their resources to capacity in order to deal with a growing flow of emigrants from the Soviet Union... Learn More


HIAS provides assistance to 37,013 people worldwide. It is the largest number since the end of World War II, and it represents a 148 percent increase over 1978... Learn More