HIAS provides resettlement assistance to thousands of Cubans and Haitians who have fled their countries and reached Florida on homemade rafts and small boats... Learn More


In recognition of its long-standing commitment to Israel, HIAS participates in a trial program to decrease the number of Soviet Jews opting for destinations other than Israel... Learn More


HIAS reaffirms its commitment to the American Jewish community’s position of freedom of choice... Learn More


HIAS sponsors a special booth at the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Washington, D.C... Learn More


HIAS declares 1984 the “Year of the Iranians” due to the increased numbers of Iranian Jewish refugees... Learn More


HIAS assists 623 Iranian Jewish refugees, a 66 percent increase over the previous year... Learn More



The worsening situation in Iran translates into a dramatic increase in HIAS caseload. At year’s end, more than 1,400 Iranian Jews await processing to enter the United States... Learn More


The sudden influx of emigrants from the Soviet Union, Iran and elsewhere bring the total applicants registered in HIAS’ European offices to 8,000... Learn More


HIAS and other Jewish organizations advocate Congress to increase funding for Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union and preserve refugee status for Soviet Jewish immigrants... Learn More


HIAS arranges for more than 1,300 Soviet Jews to be flown to New York, the largest single-day arrival of Jewish refugees to the U.S. since the years immediately following World War II... Learn More