HIAS reorganizes its resettlement assistance programs to suit the new requirements... Learn More



HIAS helps Jews leave Ethiopia, paying their airfare to Israel. When rebel forces topple Ethiopian President Mengistu, Israel carries out an emergency airlift of 14,000 Ethiopian Jews... Learn More


An increase in the refugee quota to compensate for the previous year’s shortfall results in a record number of Jewish refugees arriving in the U.S. from the former Soviet Union... Learn More  


HIAS takes part in a cooperative effort to resettle 350 Bosnian Muslim camp detainees and their families in the U.S... Learn More 


For the first time since the start of the Let My People Go campaign for the right of Soviet Jews to emigrate, HIAS has a representative in Russia... Learn More


HIAS launches an education campaign to mobilize public opinion against proposed legislation in Washington that would reduce immigration... Learn More  


HIAS works in coalition with other agencies to defeat plans to place a cap on the number of refugees admitted annually to the U.S... Learn More


HIAS works with other immigration agencies to convince the U.S. government to restore 5,000 slots to a proposed 1998 reduction of refugees admitted from the former Soviet Union... Learn More  


HIAS implements a Department of State-funded cultural orientation program in the former Soviet Union for all U.S.-bound refugees... Learn More


HIAS continues to advocate for immigration issues on Capitol Hill, working to defeat restrictive legislation... Learn More