HIAS takes part in a cooperative effort to resettle 350 Bosnian Muslim camp detainees and their families in the U.S. and participates in a ten-day fact-finding mission to the former Yugoslavia to assess the needs of millions of refugees displaced by the civil war. HIAS also establishes an Immigration Policy Affairs Committee to advocate for pro-immigration policies in the U.S.


The Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations is established in Russia as an umbrella group for Jewish congregations in Russia. A suspicious fire destroys the Marina Roshcha Synagogue in Moscow.

The JDC establishes the first Hesed, a center for medical care, food and other aid, in St. Petersburg. By 2006, over 200 such centers will be in operation in the former Soviet Union, serving some 224,000 elderly Jews.


In February, Islamic terrorists plant a bomb in the World Trade Center in New York, killing six and damaging the South Tower. In September, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat sign a peace accord on the lawn of the White House.


  • Jewish emigrants from the USSR: 102,134
  • Soviet Jewish immigrants to US: 35,936
  • Soviet Jewish immigrants to Israel: 66,100

Looking Back

The special elections held in the wake of the violent power struggle between President Boris Yeltsin and the Russian parliament result in a poor showing for Yeltsin’s party. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, founded by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wins the second largest number of seats in the Duma.

There is tension between organizations dedicated to reviving Jewish life in the former Soviet Union and those focused on preparing Jews for aliyah.