A HIAS office is officially registered in the Russian Federation. It continues to function in Moscow... Learn More  


A HIAS Representative Office is officially registered in Ukraine in August... Learn More



HIAS is awarded a grant to help represent a unified voice for the Russian-speaking population through LOREO (Local Russian Émigré Organizations)... Learn More


HIAS issues a resolution calling on the U.S. government to reform immigration by giving undocumented workers the opportunity to earn legal status... Learn More


Membership in CVEI, a joint project of HIAS’ LOREO and the World Congress of Russian Jewry, grows to more than 30 Russian-speaking grassroots and community-based organizations... Learn More


HIAS establishes a program to persuade the U.S. to restore SSI to thousands of elderly Russian Jewish immigrants and begins a campaign to speed the naturalization process... Learn More


HIAS launches the HIAS Policy Papers series, beginning with “America’s Broken Promise: Dire Consequences of the Welfare Reform for Jewish Refugees”... Learn More


HIAS continues to assist individuals affected by persecution and the world’s major conflicts... Learn More


HIAS and the Jewish community celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Soviet Jewry movement and the rescue by HIAS of nearly 400,000 Russian speaking Jews... Learn More


HIAS resettlement numbers increase by 16% as efforts to rescue Jew and non-Jews from around the world continue... Learn More