HIAS resettlement numbers increase by 16% as efforts to rescue Jew and non-Jews from around the world continue. HIAS focuses its efforts on a new Jewish community crisis in Yemen, where Jews begin facing violent attacks. HIAS resettles 57 refugees to Rockland County, New York, and sets up a local office with resources for the newly arrived families.

At the invitation of the Israeli government, HIAS assists Israel in developing a Refugee Status Determination process for the nearly 20,000 African asylum seekers currently in Israel. The HIAS Washington Office uses its resources to advocate for additional legal migration options for Haitian refugees to the U.S. in the wake of the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince.

In early 2010, Arizona signs into law a new measure that requires all residents of the state to carry their immigration documents with them at all times; the general public and the Jewish community raise their voices against this legislation, which is deemed not only unnecessary but racist. HIAS is a leading voice in the Jewish community to the U.S. government condemning the law.