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Please join HIAS in advocating for the rights of immigrants and refugees, both in the U.S. and worldwide.  Since 2009, HIAS supporters have sent over 5,000 messages to U.S. government officials, Congressional leadership, and the White House.  These messages have advocated for increased funding for refugee programs, the extension of vital legislation like the Lautenberg Amendment and DREAM Act, and the introduction of comprehensive immigration reform.  Help HIAS by sending a message to support one of these vital causes today:

  • Click here to urge Congress to immediately increase funding for unaccompanied kids and refugees.
  • Click here to thank key legislators who have shown leadership in protecting religious minorities.
  • Click here to urge your legislators to promote just and fair immigration policies.
  • Click here to thank the "Gang of Eight" for their bipartisan compromise on immigration reform.

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