Immigrant Records & Location Services

Begin Your Search for Family & Friends

If you are looking for someone with whom you have lost contact, HIAS can conduct a search in the United States as well as abroad. We will need some basic information about the person you are seeking, such as first and last name, birthdate and birthplace, country of immigration, and when contact last occurred.

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Request a HIAS Arrival Card

HIAS archives are richly steeped in nearly a century of Jewish history. They chronicle the modern-day drama of a people who have migrated throughout the world for centuries. Our arrival records start in 1909 and include documentation from two world wars, displaced persons camps after the Second World War, the Hungarian and Cuban revolutions, the Egyptian exodus of 1956, the Polish pogroms of 1968, as well as more recent arrivals.

From 1968 until today, HIAS has helped rescue nearly half a million Jews from the former Soviet empire and tens of thousands of Iranian Jews fleeing their homeland after the fall of the Shah and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our records comprise the most complete documentation of refugee arrivals to the United States.

Learn more about obtaining Immigrant Records, or contact Sherly Postnikov (212-613-1352) in HIAS' Location Service for help finding your family’s records to make their legacy an enduring one.

Help Find a Missing Person

Many requests do not provide enough information to initiate an individual location search. To assist such inquirers, we place the provided information in a special database. If a person sought of his/her descendant browses our database and finds needed information, he/she may contact us and we consequently reunite with the inquirer.

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