Refugee Resettlement

Throughout the world, there currently are 14 million refugees who cannot return to their homeland.

HIAS’ Refugee Resettlement Program is dedicated to the successful resettlement of refugees, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or place of birth.

Working with United States government agencies, international organizations, and a team of local affiliate agencies to provide direct services to refugees across the United States, we ensure refugees receive the services guaranteed to them under U.S. law. 

The first 30 days of resettlement is filled with activities and service provision. HIAS' dedicated affiliate staff members assist clients in orientating to life in the U.S.—helping them to obtain medical care, find employment, enroll their children in school, learn English, and obtain vocational training, as well other services that ensure refugees can successfully adapt to life in their new country.

HIAS is dedicated to the belief that all refugees deserve the chance to begin successful new lives in the United States. The UNHCR video below presents an intimate portrait of six compelling refugee stories spanning six decades. Their stories exemplify the courageous experience of leaving home and starting a new life in America.