Where We Work

HIAS works where refugees fleeing oppression and persecution need us most. We operate in 14 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

United States
In the U.S., HIAS resettles refugees through our extensive national affiliate network, represents asylum seekers, runs integration and citizenship programs, and helps families who have been separated reunite. In Washington, DC, we advocate for just and humane immigration laws and work to influence opinion leaders, legislators, and policy makers on issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers.

Latin America
In Latin America, HIAS provides full-service counseling, legal services, and humanitarian assistance for Colombian refugees fleeing to Ecuador and Venezuela and facilitates the resettlement and integration of refugees in Argentina and Uruguay.

In Chad, HIAS provides trauma counseling and social services in five of that country's camps for refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan and facilitates relocation for those who need additional protection; in Kenya and Uganda our trauma counseling and resettlement operations focus on the needs of the most vulnerable of the 250,000 people displaced by conflicts in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In Russia and Ukraine, HIAS helps people from 43 countries receive protection and seek asylum or resettlement.

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Middle East
HIAS helps Jewish and other religious minorities from Iran come to the United States. In Israel, HIAS provides scholarships for those who have recently immigrated to the Jewish state and assists in protecting the population of refugees arriving from Africa.