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peace in the air

rachel kiperberg's story posted on January 31, 2012 at 11:52 pm. rachel emigrated from Tiraspol, Moldova to New York, United States in 1993

"how are you still alive " was told to my grandmother after the war in her city of Moldova. 

Having my family waking up every morning and thanking god noone questions thier existence was the meaning of happiness for them . My grandmother wanted a better future for her children and future grandchildren . They couldn't imagine a peacefull country that wouldnt hate them for being jewish. America was brought up , everyone was astonished to realize that if they moved they would have all the freedom and happiness , they had to migrate .

The family's impression hasnt changed much since moving to the states. My grandmother was an english teacher for over 30 years . She knew her ways around and helped others in the family, everyone loved it. They have all definitely got accustomed to the culture . 

Of course there was alot of positives and negatives leaving thier hometown . Leaving memories , friends , the country to start a new life was hard. My grandmother had to leave her job and her students . My mother and aunt had to leave thier professions. 

Many positives came out from leaving Moldova. My grandmother ended up teaching our family more english . My mother and aunt extended their professions as hair stylists. 

My grandmother is very well proud that she made the future for her children peaceful.  We have choices and a well being in this country. 

 My grandmother would have me sitting on her lap and would tell me her stories growing up. It would amaze me how life was so different back then. Our family would have weekend dinners and would cry/laugh about memories . 

The most important thing is for me to pass on the history of how my family came to be so strong . I was informed and will want my future children ( generation) to be educated as well. 

After all there is peace in the air.