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Camp RSM @ Sunapee Counselor

Lev Bogdanov's story posted by Jacob Bogdanov on June 19, 2012 at 4:13 pm. Lev emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York, United States in 1978

40 years ago my father was in Moscow working for a government agency. From the moment he wanted to leave, all the way to today, nothing was given to him. He worked for everything he has, and everything that I have. From working his first job as an engineer, to starting up his own company, my father hasn’t taken anything for granted, and has relied on hard work and hard work alone to become successful. 

Living the true American Dream; coming from nothing and succeeding over others because he worked longer hours, worked harder and didn’t wait for things to happen for him.

My name is Jacob. I’m sitting here typing this on my own laptop, in my air conditioned room with everything I need. I will probably will never work as hard as he did and may not have to, but the lessons he has taught me, and the example he has shown, will remain in me. 

But looking around, my father isn’t alone. We are surrounded by hundreds of unique examples telling the same story; working hard will lead to success. My life is filled with individuals who all didn’t wait for life to solve their problems for them. From these people I can see what I have to do, and that is to work as hard as I can to ensure that what they did for me doesn’t go to waste. I need to take my parents accomplishments and build on them and be even better with the amazing opportunities I’ve been given. 

I have learned many important lessons from my parents, but the lesson that hard work can get you anything will be something I never forget, and some day will hopefully pass onto my own kids.