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My Fathers trip through the Storm

Julien Freij's story posted on June 24, 2012 at 8:26 am. Julien emigrated from Beirut, Lebanon to Massachusetts, United States in 1983

    Hello my name is Julien and i want to talk about my Dad's journey from the small Middle Eastern country Lebanon to the US in Massachusetts.

  It all started when the Lebanesse civil war against the Christians and the Muslims started. In order to save my father and his three siblings, my grandparents sent them to a french boarding school where he spent the past year away from home. When the fighting died down and Dad was able to come home he had a liking to foreign areas.

    When Dad finally became able to select his college, he already heard lots about how the oversea's scool in America were fantastic. Interested Dad wanted to go to one college in particular, MIT. His grades were on target for their standards but he was an immigrant who just came over and dad was missing something to be able to get in. Instead Brown University accepted him and he studied mechanics and engineering.

   He later became better known for doing languages and deicided to go down the route of a translating company. He later met Mom and they created Global Viz., International a software translating Co. I am proud of my Dad and i love my family that came with him and hope to always  go to Lebanon to visit him.