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Adele and Bernie Green grew up in the same small town of Zamosc, Poland. But before the two could meet, the Holocaust tore both of their families apart. After surviving one of the worst atrocities in global history, Adele and Bernie were given the opportunity to begin a new life with one another after immigrating to the United States and meeting through HIAS.

This documentary traces the path that Adele and Bernie took from growing up in Zamosc through surviving the Holocaust, and ultimately starting over in New York. Throughout the film, experts from the University of Southern California, Moriah Films and the USC Shoah Foundation offer their insight into what Adele and Bernie experienced.

The purpose of this story is to present a personal account of what survivors experienced during the Holocaust. Beyond this, the documentary is meant to provide a look into life after survival. This project is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and its survivors.